Landmarks in Westminster, CA

There are many Landmarks in Westminster, California. These are the buildings and structures that make up Westminster City, one of the most popular cities to live in San Diego County. Every year, thousands of people from throughout the United States visit Westminster for a weekend of fun and entertainment before they head back home.

Landscaping Westminster CA

One of the most recognizable Landmarks in Westminster is the Westminster Dog Park. Built in 1941, this dog park has been a popular tourist attraction ever since. The location was selected because it is right next to the Old Town Church and the Old State House. It is also conveniently located just a few blocks from the San Diego Zoo and the Historic Gas Lamp District.

Another one of the most famous Landmarks in Westminster is the Westminster Abbey. Built in 16abin, the Abbey is one of the most visited churches in San Diego. In fact, during the summer time, hundreds of tourists tour the historic grounds just before they hop on the world wide airlines. One of the most popular attractions in the area is the Westminster Chuchouse where it plays hosts to weddings and other events.

A third of all Landmarks in Westminster are the monuments and authentic old homes. The biggest and oldest of these is the Holy Sepulcher. This massive castle sits on its own plot of land in the heart of the city. During its long history, the site has housed several noble families such as the Gardners, the Bishops, Earls of Bath and Wells, and the Earls of Huntingdon. It is one of the best-preserved old houses in all of San Diego County.

The “Ladies of Liberty” were given their name in 1776 when two Irish girls settled in what is now the town of Westminster. They were married in the community of Fownes Street and raised a family there. The current “Gladys” are ladies celebrating their ninety-first anniversaries. These fine ladies have had the land where they live turned into one of the very few properties permitted for private ownership. One of the largest real estate developments in the entire city can be found here. This enormous development, called the Westminster Crossing, is comprised of hotels, apartments, and condominiums.

Many people mistakenly believe that real estate development means building new homes. Although this is one of the most common uses of real estate development, it is far from the only one. Other common uses include development of rental properties, such as hotels, and real estate owned by corporations such as hotels, restaurants, and golf courses. Westminster is indeed one of the most popular places in the country to live. With its rich history and present day offerings, there is no wonder why.


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