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If you have realized what a special treat having a yard is, you may have begun considering ways to enhance all that time you like to spend in your own personal corner of a natural paradise. From outdoor cooking, yard parties and even just a relaxing afternoon in a hammock with a glass of cool iced tea, there are endless ways to enjoy your backyard – professional landscaping can take all your yard fun to a whole new level.

At Professional Landscaping Team, we have years of experience providing homeowners and commercial locations in Westminster, California, with superior landscaping, planning, and execution. We specialize in creating fabulous and fantastical creations that can transform your yard into the environment of your choosing.

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Landscape Care and Garden Maintenance

Getting your garden to look how exactly how you want it is just only half of owning a property that is the jewel of the street. The other half will be providing important care and maintenance that keeps your garden in such a beautiful state.

Your landscape will be comprised of a wide variety of plants that all require special care and attention to look their best. We provide a wide variety of services that keep trees and plants healthy and growing strong. Furthermore, our experience and advice can keep you from making some rookie errors when properly maintaining a yard.

Westminster has a very specific climate that favors certain plants and is a bit harsher on others. Our knowledge and experience here can help you design the perfect landscape solutions for your needs. If you are a very busy person, we have many designs featuring hardy drought-resistant plants that will thrive beautifully with the attention you can provide in your time.

For all your garden care and landscape maintenance solutions, call Professional Landscaping Team at (714) 479-2227 to schedule a free assessment of your yard and list of possible landscape solutions.

Following are only some of the landscaping services we provide:

  • Installations – how about a new walkway complete with mysterious bends and curves shrouded in lush vegetation? Or, maybe a reflecting pool that enhances the beauty of your home’s architecture? And you can’t forget the important energy, time and water-saving benefits of a properly planned irrigation system.
  • Planting – from new flower beds to a sturdy tree that will provide shade and support for your hammock, we know how to get this done right. Proper planting techniques and know-how ensure the longevity and health of any new plants you want to add.
  • Cleanup & Debris Removal– beauty is our specialty, and we’ll never leave an unsightly or dangerous mess in your property. Expect all our work to be topped off with a diligent cleanup. If your garden has been ransacked by a passing storm, call us up to restore your garden to proper standards.
  • Tree & Shrub Pruning – pruning trees and shrubs not only keep them healthy and growing properly, but gives the overall look a touch of dimension and balance. But, this must be done right, or the entire look can be thrown off or the health of your trees can be adversely affected – Oh No! Better call us if you have any questions about this potentially harmful task.
  • Brush Removal – it is very common for the local plant life to begin taking root on your property and this can be very inviting for local animal life. Call us p to clear out the brush in a safe and effective manner.
  • Fertilization – trees, and plants get hungry too. But, providing the right amount of nutrition to plants, trees and lawns is a highly advanced process. Providing improper plant fertilizers to your garden can be as bad as never fertilizing at all. This is definitely a task where you need to call in the experts for best results
  • Rock Formations – nothing adds character and an air of majesty to your garden like a beautiful rock formation crowning the landscape. But, rocks are big and require some heavy lifting. Don’t strain your back, let us handle this job safely and properly.
  • Sodding – how about we turn that patchwork of mud and grassy spots into a healthy and beautiful lawn suitable for picnics, yoga and even a good game of lawn bowls? We have a wide variety of the healthiest sod available and can help you make a selection that suits your needs and budget perfectly.

Final Notes on Our Superior Landscaping Services

Creating and designing beautiful landscapes may be what we do, but the priceless look of satisfaction we receive from our valued clients is our true business. We are a locally-owned and operated company that comes with all the experience, licensing and insurance needed to provide a safe job that leaves our clients with landscapes that exceed their expectations.

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