Are you tired of manually watering your landscape or lawn? Do you wish there would be an alternative that will save you time and also be more efficient with your water? Then you need to install a sprinkler system. Roland Aguilar landscaping provides an affordable sprinkler system installation. We understand how important it is to preserve the beauty of your landscape and we want to make things easier for you.

Our sprinkler options offer you convenience, you won’t need to manually water the lawn, just set automate watering schedules as well as frequency and allow yourself to stop worrying over how to water your landscape.

We work with sprinkler systems that are efficient and distribute the water through your lawn accordingly so every area gets the exact amount of water it needs, when it senses rain the system will automatically skip the schedule so your landscape doesn’t suffer overwatering.

Customized Sprinkler Installation

Roland Aguilar landscaping in Orange County California will custom design and install the best sprinkler system for your landscape. We will take into consideration factors such as the type of soil, local weather conditions, and slope when choosing the best system for your needs. They have the latest water conservation technologies that will save your resources. We only work with high-quality systems that have a long lifespan.

Each member of our team is licensed and qualified to install the sprinkler system, it doesn’t matter the type or circumstances of your landscape we will guide you through the best options and perform a successful installation. You will have peace of mind that your landscape is well maintained while you busy doing other valuable things.

We understand that a sprinkler system is an investment and always look for the best cost-effective options for your lawn. Contact us and a member of our team will reach out to you to evaluate your individual irrigation needs and design a system.